Back to School Series: Essay Writing Tips/Process


I know what you’re thinking, really Tina, you’re really bringing out a back to school series in July?! Well…yes.. but only because I wanted to include a few different series on the blog and with school just around the corner, I thought I’d kick it off with some back to school posts. In this series, I’ll be sharing school outfit ideas, DIY stationery and other school-related tips! I’ve already written a few posts that would be helpful for students, so be sure to check those out here but to start the series, I’ll be tackling the dreaded essay. We all have to do them and with all our other coursework to worry about, a 10 page essay isn’t ideal. So, here are a few tips to help ease the process.

Essay Writing Tips/Process

Side note: I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog but I’ve worked as a writer and editor which has taught me how to be more critical in the work I produce and edit. Although I’m still learning and I’m far from perfect, these are the tips and the general process I would recommend to anyone writing an essay. Let’s get started!

  1. First up, is the obvious but so important, research.  By researching your topic thoroughly, you will be able to find a clear direction to take your paper which will provide the base to a strong argument. While researching, compile a detailed reference list (this will help a ton later on).
  2. Once you’ve figured out the direction of your paper, start brainstorming how and what you will be talking about.
  3. After jotting down these ideas, start organizing your thoughts. In this step, you will want to group similar ideas together. By grouping similar points you will ensure that repetitiveness is avoided. Also, make sure that your references clearly support your arguments/ideas – refer back to your reference list.

Tips for the Introduction:

Depending on your teacher’s writing style, you’ll want to be either completely formal or formal with a touch of creativity. I think the latter is more common so with that, try to find a way to hook the reader into your essay. Make sure to introduce your argument clearly as well as, some of your references.

Tips for Thesis:

Thesis must be clear and concise. When researching your topic, think about what you want to argue. For example, if your topic is the Canadian Health Care System, what area do you want to focus on? Negative or positive aspects? If negative, what areas of the system make it negative? Where are Canada’s downfalls when it comes to health care and why? These are the types of questions you must ask yourself when creating an argument for your essay. Essentially, your thesis is your argument – it’s what your essay is trying to prove or explain.

Tips for Flow:

Making sentences and paragraphs flow together can be tricky but something that I always do when editing is reading back everything over and over again. Continuously reading over your work will help you target areas that are unclear. Another tip was actually given to me by my linguistics professor. He said it’s important to always emphasize your subject – never start a sentence with ‘this’ and continue with whatever you want to explain because that doesn’t explain what “this” is. For example:

This explains that students will engage in joint-attention learning when prompted vs. This example demonstrates that students will engage in joint-attention learning when prompted.

Although small, it makes a huge difference in your writing.

Tips for the Conclusion: 

The conclusion is where you can be the most creative and get away with it in a formal paper. Again, follow your professor’s instructions but make sure to conclude your essay by referring back to important points and explaining these points through your opinion. End your essay with a thought-provoking sentence or question.


Hope these tips are helpful! I’m always looking for ways to improve my own work so if you have any tips, please let me know in the comments below! Looking forward to hearing from ya! See you in my next post!




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  1. Khristine
    Khristine says:

    This is such amazing advice and tips for individuals who are going back to school. Bestie is killllllling it always <3 love ya


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