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Study Space

What I’ve learned over the years is that you can create an awesome study space in almost any setting as long as you keep a few things in mind. In today’s post I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite study space essentials that can be used when you’re studying on the go (I.e. library, lecture hall etc.) and tips in creating your own personal study space.

My #1 Tip!

For those who do not have a personal study space or who have to commute to their school library, my biggest tip is to create a school schedule that allows you to have free time before your class. I remember feeling discouraged and worried because I wasn’t sure how or when I would have the time to go to the library to study. It was important for me to create a schedule that not only managed my work and class times but also, my study sessions. Instead of arriving at school at your designated class time, arrive an hour or two earlier to review your course work. This way, you don’t feel discouraged, lazy or tired to commute to your school library since you’ll already be there for class!

Essential Study Space Items + Tips

  1. Natural lighting is your best friend – if possible, try to set up your study space in a well-lit area. Study Space
  2. Wall paint – when I painted my room a neutral colour (light grey) it made my space feel bigger and brighter. I instantly felt more motivated because of it! (Wish I did it sooner lol) Try studying in a room with calming/neutral colours. Neutrals
  3. A sturdy desk and a comfortable chair. Study Space
  4. A book stand – this will help keep your book propped up while you take notes. Or….make your own makeshift stand with other household items.Book Stand
  5. Pen cup, tray and/or file box – these will help keep your stationary organized and always at reach.Study Space
  6. Dry-Erase Boards!! Not only are they great organizational tools but they can be used as a study aid
  7. timer – great for time-oriented tasks/ study methods (i.e. Pomodoro Technique)Study Space
  8. If you’re like me and tend to fidget a lot, having a clicking pen or rubber band ball nearby really helps give your hands something to do while you study. It sounds crazy but it actually helps and there’s some science to back it up! Check out the article hereStudy Space

Hope this post was helpful!

What essential study space items am I missing? Let me know! See you in my next post!

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