Here, you’ll find all things beauty related. My favourite makeup and skin care products, reviews on products and makeup inspiration looks.

Summer Nail Polish Favourites

I can’t believe it but my blog has officially made it through every season! I started in the Fall, some time in October and it’s now June. Pretty cool if you ask me! When I first started my blog, I shared some of my favourite Fall nail polishes, so to stick with the series, today is all about my Summer nail polish picks!
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In Honour of Wonder Woman || Hair Guide

For today’s post I’ll be giving you a quick run-down on how to get Wonder Woman’s signature curls. If you haven’t watched Wonder Woman yet, please do, it was SO GOOD! Gal Gadot has now become one of my favourites actresses and I’ve officially decided to name my future daughter Diana (lol it’s that serious). The production, story-telling and acting, as well as, the chemistry between the cast was perfect. I don’t want to spoil anything but I do want to include this quote by Gal Gadot on her character Diana (Wonder Woman):

“We realized that Diana can still be a normal woman, one with very high values, but still a woman. She can be sensitive. She is smart and independent and emotional. She can lose her confidence. She can have confidence. She is everything. She has a human heart.” Read more

Favourite Body and Face Scrubs!

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post on my favourite skin care products but left out my exfoliating products because I wanted to save them for this post! For me, exfoliation is the most important step to my skin care routine. I would say that I exfoliate around 1-2x a week. If you read my last post, I talked about not knowing anything about skin care and believe me when I say this, I never once touched a face scrub. I always had this idea that they would be too harsh and drying for my skin. My skin was already sensitive, blemish-prone and I wasn’t trying to irritate it more. But, I was so wrong. If I could go back in time, I would definitely tell my younger self Tina, you need to exfoliate! Fast forward to today and it’s become an active part of my routine. And rightfully so! Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, revealing healthier and smoother skin. When you skip exfoliation, these dead skin cells accumulate onto the skin leaving a rougher and uneven looking texture. Read more

First Impressions: Essence and L’oreal Makeup

Hey guys! It feels like it’s been awhile since my last post and I apologize for that :(! I’ve been lacking in the inspiration department but I’m back and in this post, I’ll be testing out a few makeup products. I based today’s look around the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter which is a gorgeous warm gold highlight. Find out more below! Read more

Spring is in the Air || My Fave Spring Lippies

I can’t believe it but Spring is finally here! Well, sorta..this week will be on the cool side but it’s ok, once it’s over, warm weather is upon us. As much as I love cold, snowy days, I’m excited to finally pull out my Spring beauty and fashion favourites. So for today’s post, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite lip products that I think reflect the beauty of Spring perfectly! Read more

Product Spotlight: Lush’s Tea Tree Water ft. my sister

I’m sharing this product on behalf of my sister for all my girls (and guys) with acne-prone skin. My sister has been using this product religiously for a few months now and she is so ecstatic about the results that she insisted I make this post. She’s tried countless products for acne and nothing seemed to work until she came across Lush’s Tea Tree Water. On the Lush site, the toner is described as: Read more

First Impressions: My Mom’s HG Makeup Products

Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to test out some of my mom’s favourite makeup products. She usually doesn’t wear much makeup but when she does, these are her go-to products. The look I’ll be doing is her typical ‘special occasion’ makeup routine. We’ll see how it goes and if any of these products make it into my personal favourites! Read more

Feeling Nostalgic || Hart of Dixie

Lately, I’ve been feeling nostalgic over one of my favourite TV shows, Hart of Dixie. The show centers around Zoey Hart, played by Rachel Bilson. Zoey, an aspiring heart surgeon and self-proclaimed city girl, is offered a job as a General Practitioner in Bluebell, Alabama. Although Bluebell is a stark contrast to her life in New York City, she still accepts the job offer. This is where her life changes but you’ll have to check out the show to find out the rest (:D)! Anyway, after recently seeing photos of the cast reuniting, I decided to make a tribute to the show on my blog by sharing two super easy-to-do hairstyles worn by Zoey and Lemon (Jaime King). Hope you guys like them!

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Trend Alert: Glossy Lids || 3 Step Guide

Glossy eyelids, thumbs up or thumbs down!? At first, I wasn’t entirely sure if I loved this makeup trend but with more exposure, it grew on me. What drew me in were the ‘natural’ attempts to the look. As much as I love the high fashion version, it isn’t very practical and can be intimidating to wear. I loved that with a light hand you can achieve a similar but wearable look. Read more