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Met Gala 2018 Fashion Favourites

I haven’t been able to blog much due to personal reasons, however, I plan to get back to it and hopefully create a better blogging schedule. Being a part of an awesome community of bloggers has been so inspiring but has also made me feel so undeserving because I totally suck at blogging. My goal is to create more time and stop overthinking the posts I’ve written or photos I’ve taken. I hope by sharing this I can speak my blog goals into existence! Read more


Oscars Red Carpet Fashion Favourites 2018

If you’ve read a few of my earlier posts, then you’ll know that I love sharing my favourite red carpet looks. With the Oscars wrapping up, I thought it would be a great time to feature some of the gowns and suits that stood out from the night. If you’re interested in who made my list, check out the rest of this post!

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New Year, New Clothes? || My 2018 Wishlist ft. SheIn, Asos and Gap!

I have a slight obsession with prints. All types of prints. Stripes, plaid, fruits, animals, you name it! If it has a print, I’m in and lately, I’ve been all about polka dots. The reason…well..long story short, I was rummaging through my mom’s old clothing and I discovered the cutest polka dot jumpsuit. Now, you’re probably thinking, a polka-dot jumpsuit, how strange but believe me, it’s adorable! In fact, super adorable! It’s sleeveless with a wide leg bottom. My mom describes it as a fancy pajama but I call it, ‘Fash-un’. However, unfortunately for me, it did not fit and my dreams of wearing it were crushed, until, I found loads of polka dot printed clothing online. I mean, who knew I could find similar clothing online (lol…)  Read more

Miss Universe 2017 Evening Gowns || Favourites

I love pageants! I know that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I believe there are aspects to them that are admirable and positive for our community. The Miss Universe competition in particular has a strong focus on finding a person that is kind-hearted, strong, caring and passionate about doing something good for our world. Some of the competitors work in the STEM field, others are business owners, some are aspiring athletes and all advocate for equality, peace and human rights. When one wins the title of Miss Universe, they are able to use this platform to help others. Read more

Wedding Series: What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

This will probably be my last “what to wear” wedding edition post of the year so I thought I’d end it off with a winter wedding because winter is officially here in Toronto! And if you don’t know, winter is my favourite season! Surprisingly, not many people share this sentiment which is quite shocking if you ask me lol. Isn’t there something special about warming up with some hot cocoa Read more

My Autumn Shopping Wishlist || 2017

I’m craving change and excitement in my wardrobe. I either gravitate and rotate through the same clothing or shop for similar pieces I already own. The thing that has been helping me out of my fashion slump are posts like this. Reading and viewing others’ wishlists has inspired me to choose pieces that truly reflect my personal style instead of choosing basic pieces that I most likely already own. So with that being said, here are some clothing items that have made it into my bookmarks and hopefully make it into my closet soon!

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Wedding Series: What to Wear to a Beach/Destination Wedding?

If you’re new to my blog, I started a wedding series a couple of months ago. So far, the series contain outfit ideas for different types of weddings which for me are always fun and helpful. For today’s post, it’s all about beach and destination weddings. If you’ve been invited to a tropical wedding and are unsure of what to wear, here are some of my tips and outfit ideas! Read more

Wedding Series: What to Wear to a Black Tie Wedding?

You just received a wedding invitation and the dress-code states: Black-Tie, so what do you wear? Black-Tie weddings are often formal and set in the evening. These events are fancier than most, in fact, they are the second most formal event that you can attend. But don’t let that scare you because dressing for this type of event is actually not that hard! Read more

Wedding Series: What to Wear to a Barn Wedding?

For me, weddings are probably one of my favourite events to attend. From the floral arrangements to the personal touches by the bride and groom, every thought and detail put into a wedding is so special and beautiful. If I weren’t pursuing a career in research/therapy, I would totally be a wedding planner (lol). Think Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, that would be me…minus Read more