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Essential Study Space Items || How to Create an Awesome Study Space

What I’ve learned over the years is that you can create an awesome study space in almost any setting as long as you keep a few things in mind. In today’s post I’ll be sharing a few of my favourite study space essentials that can be used when you’re studying on the go (I.e. library, lecture hall etc.) and tips in creating your own personal study space.

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Back to School Series: DIY Notebooks!

For me, the best way to get into the school spirit is by making or buying cute school supplies. So for today’s post, I’ll be showing you how I customize my notebooks! These DIY notebooks are so easy to create and a great way to get you excited and motivated for the new school year. Oh and did I mention Read more

Back to School Series: Essay Writing Tips/Process

I know what you’re thinking, really Tina, you’re really bringing out a back to school series in July?! Well…yes.. but only because I wanted to include a few different series on the blog and with school just around the corner, I thought I’d kick it off with some back to school posts. In this series, I’ll be sharing school outfit ideas, DIY stationery and other school-related tips! I’ve already written a few posts that would be helpful for students, so be sure to check those out here but to start the series, I’ll be tackling the dreaded essay. We all have to do them and with all our other coursework to worry about, a 10 page essay isn’t ideal. So, here are a few tips to help ease the process. Read more

How to Defeat Writer’s Block || Tips

The irony of this post is that it only came into fruition because I was experiencing writer’s block. (Aka my arch nemesis.) For those that don’t know what writer’s block is, it’s the inability to produce new work. In other words, the connections needed to freely and creatively write are restricted.  Read more

How to Conquer Test Anxiety || Tips

Test Anxiety Sucks!

You’ve studied, reviewed and completed all of your homework but yet, you’re still worried about your exam. No matter how much you’ve prepared, it still feels like it wasn’t enough. You stress over what your professor may or may not put on the exam, question if you’ve studied the right material and start to dwell on the moments you spent watching Mr. Robot. If you’ve experienced this to some degree then you’ve experienced what’s called Test Anxiety. Read more

Quick Tip for Students || How I Stay Organized

Quick Tip for Students

Hey guys, I’m back at it again with another school-related post. This time, with an easy organizational tip for students. I know many students including myself have felt overwhelmed with school and life. So many things to do but yet so little time. Sometimes the days go on and you question, where did all the time go? But it shouldn’t be that way! Read more

Study Smart | 4 Study Tips


What if I told you that it isn’t the amount of hours you put into studying, it’s the process in which you study that can determine greater success on your exams. In this post, I’ll be sharing 4 of my most effective study tips Read more